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The following list of books are suggested by the AUC and many are available via the Associates Program.  Each purchase you make via the links on this website earns a percentage for the AUC as long as you access the website via the links on the AUC website.  This list is broken up into topical sections, just click on the category link below.  Click on the underlined title to go to the entry for more information and to order.  Your order will be through, not the AUC.
A Basic Unitarian Bibliography
Classical Unitarian
Unitarian History
Unitarian & Liberal Christian
World Religions & Comparitive Religion
Science & Religion
Philosophy & Theology
Congregation Building

If the book you want is not listed in the sections above, use the search link below to find any title, author or subject you wish.   Any item that you purchase from using these links helps fund the AUC through the Associates Program, including music, tools, etc., - everything that offers.

In Association with
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The following links are especially useful for used book searches.   These sellers do not have partnership programs that earn money for the AUC like, but they do offer alternatives for those hard to find volumes.



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