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A Breed Apart

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Dorris


How different are those who devote themselves to the study of the teachings and the laws of the Most High!

They seek out the wisdom of All the Ancients.

They preserve the sayings of the famous and penetrate the subtleties of the parables.

They seek out the hidden meanings of the proverbs.

They travel in foreign lands or search out foreign scriptures to learn what is good and bad in the whole lot. They strive to separate the true from the false.

If their God is willing, He fills them with the Spirit of Understanding; so that they will pour forth words of wisdom of their own. They will give thanks to their God in prayer for all that they receive.

The Lord, their God, will direct their counsel and give them knowledge as they meditate on His mysteries. In turn, they will show the wisdom of what they have learned and will glorify their God in all they think, say, or do.

(Modified from Sirach Chapter 39.1-8, The Wisdom of Jesus, son of Sirach)

(Recognized as Deutero-canonical Scripture by the Roman Catholic, Greek, and Russian Orthodox Churches)

2002 American Unitarian Conference