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I Glorify the One

Robert Dorris


I glorify the One who provides us the light from heaven,

From whom comes a hundred nobly natured ways.

With prayer and hymn I call to the One to come to my aid.

May the One hasten at my call.


Make me like a mountain.

Make my basis firm.

Do not be removed from me.

Be a thousand-fold Protector and aid me to grow in strength.

May the One find joy in all I do.

May the Holy Spirit of the One guide me always on my way.


May I become one of the wise.

May I receive from the Spirit

Knowledge and wisdom rooted in your light.


Guide my every thought.

Guide me into the most skilled activity.

Guide me to become a most liberal giver

And teacher of the way.


Fill me to my capacity and to overflowing with the Holy Spirit.

Make me noble-natured, filled full like the sea.

May I become one of your assistants,

A helper of those seeking the Way.

Help me to stand straight,

To be a mighty and invincible one of the Way.


Fill me with joy.

Make me bold with the Holy Spirit.

Fill me through and through.

May your splendor encompass me.

May I receive a warrior’s might.

Let your Spirit not be restrained.


Let my words, prayers, and hymns

Magnify the Most High One alone.

Help me to be a guide

To those who would reach to the One alone.

Give to me the appropriate strength, knowledge and wisdom

So that I may be a guide.


Use me I pray to be a guide to others.

Use me as a conduit of your power.

Hold me in your arms for all to see the marvel of the Holy Way.


Help me to release people from their fear.

Help me to demonstrate your all-encompassing love.

Help me to be a guide of the Way.


Allow me to be one of your helpers,

Fighting for the good of all.

Allow me to be always faithful

To the task of guiding humankind.

Help me to show the joy to be found in the light.


It is God alone who may do all this.

It is God alone who may bestow Holy Spirit.

It is God alone who can provide a proper guide.


Although people who dwell upon the earth multiply day by day,

There is but One God.

The One God maintains them all.

The Might of the One God upholds heaven and earth.


There is One God of majesty and power,

Who has made the earth the pattern of God’s own strength,

Who has made us capable of embracing the water and the light,

Who has made us to be bold of heart,

Who has given us our own native might,

Who has provided for our help as we enter in the Way.


The Lord our God has established the earth as a counterpart.

Our God has filled the entire region with greatness.

In truth, there is none other like the One.


God has made all things in due order.

In joy God has made all things.

This One is the maker and establisher of the heaven and the earth and all that is in between.


From all to the One are praises due

And in them God takes delight.

Without the One there would be none of what has come to be.



© 2004 American Unitarian Conference