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Tips on Starting a Congregation
Starting a home fellowship is often times the first step to founding a Unitarian congregation in your area. 

An Island Amidst the Storm - by Paul Wilkes
The search for Congregations with a soul

The Alban Institute
An ecumenical, interfaith organization which supports congregations through consulting services, research, book publishing, and educational seminars.

Channing Fund
The Channing Fund is dedicated to the founding and growth of the American Unitarian Conferenceand its member congregations.

Kennon L. Callahan Guides to the 12 Keys of An Effective Church
A series of books that help assess the strengths of a Congregation and guide them for growth - from worship practice to stewardship.

Religious Education Resources
Study Guides for Adults that can be used in small group settings.

IRS Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations - Publication 1828 (Rev. 7-02)

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