Frederick Henry Hedge

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Hedge graduated first in his class from the Harvard Divinity School in 1829. He served as minister at West Cambridge (now Arlington) (1829-35), Bangor, Maine (1835-50), Providence, Rhode Island (1850-56), and Brookline, Massachusetts (1857-72). From 1836 Hedge's visits to Boston from his home in Bangor, Maine occasioned the gathering of what Emerson called the "Hedge Club" but was more commonly called the "Transcendental Club." Hedge, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Convers Francis, James Freeman Clarke, and Amos Bronson Alcott attended the first meeting of this informal group at the home of George Ripley in Boston. Theodore Parker, Margaret Fuller, Orestes A. Brownson, Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne, William Ellery Channing, and others, attended subsequent meetings. He became a respected elder statesman in the Boston Unitarian establishment. He edited The Christian Examiner, 1857-1861, and served a term as president of the American Unitarian Association, 1859-1862.  


Reason in Religion (1865)

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