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The Unitarian faith is by no means an American phenomenon.  Hungary, Poland and England are some of the other countries that have a long tradition of Unitarianism.  Below are links to some of these other organizations.

Unitarian Organizations

Assemblée Fraternelle des Chrétiens Unitariens de France
The French Unitarians website

General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches
The British Unitarians website

Transylvanian Unitarian Church
This website includes history, beliefs, and much more.  The Transylvanian Unitarians were the first to declare the name Unitarian in 1568.

Unitarian Church in Petrosani, Tranyslvania (Romania)

Hungarian Unitarian Catechism
This site contains the full text of the Hungarian Unitarian Catechism.  The Hungarian Unitarians are liberal Christians, practicing the traditional Unitarian faith as founded in 1568 by Francis David.

Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council - an organization dedicated to partnering USA churches with Transylvanian Unitarian churches.

Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship - an organization devoted to liberal Christianity in the Unitarian and Universalist traditions.  The UUCF website provides links to other Unitarian documents and websites of interest and alos sells Unitarian related publications.

Other Organizations of Interest

Westar Institute - The Jesus Seminar and the Search for the Historical Jesus

Biblical Unitarians - A website supporting Biblically based Unitarianism

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