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President's Letter 6/2002


It has been one year since the American Unitarian Conference was launched. Although we have come a long way in that time, we have a very long journey ahead to realize our goal of giving new life to the American Unitarian tradition. We have laid the foundation, but now we need to start reaching higher as we rebuild American Unitarianism

In the coming year, we will concentrate in two areas: publishing and outreach. We plan to take steps to significantly increase our individual membership and to increase our interaction with Unitarian congregations. We also have an ambitious publishing agenda.

At this stage in our history, we regard the publishing aspects of our program as critical. To our members and others, we need to provide the materials and resources necessary to bring our tradition back to life. We will continue to publish this journal. We plan to publish a series of short brochures on a variety of Unitarian topics; to begin publishing religious education materials for adults and children; to bring William Ellery Channingís collected works back into print; to publish a Concise Unitarian Encyclopedia; and to lay the groundwork for publishing a hymnal and service book.

It is an ambitious program. With hard work, your help and Godís grace, we will achieve it.

May Godís peace be with you.

Yours in faith, freedom, and reason,

David R. Burton

American Unitarian Conference

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