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President's Letter 9/2002


Dear AUC Member:

The American Unitarian Conference has a number of major projects underway.  We plan to bring Channing's Collected Works back into print.  I believe we will be able to achieve this goal by early next year and we will make the material available on the web site.  We are developing liturgical and musical resources for congregations.  We are developing a Concise Unitarian Encyclopedia.  We will probably begin to post this on the web site as a work in process once we get a little further along.  And we will be publishing a series of booklets or pamphlets starting within a few months on a series of Unitarian subjects.

The AUC was created to promote a traditional Unitarian religious understanding.  Those who are members of the AUC are leaders in trying to change the direction that Unitarianism has taken.  A big part of making that happen is increasing our membership.  We must continue to grow, and grow rapidly, if we are going to be able to make a lasting difference.  By growing, we are able to reach more people and the material and human resources available to us will grow.  We need your help in this endeavor. 

Virtually every AUC member knows at least one person that would support the AUC's goals and find our work of interest.  I would ask that each AUC member take it upon themselves to let their friends know about the AUC.  Although it is a bit of obvious arithmetic, if every AUC member recruits one new member over the next three months, we will double in size.  Twice as many people will become a part of the AUC family and the resources available to accomplish our mission will grow.  I would ask that you make it a personal goal to convince one person to join the AUC within the next three months.

May God's peace be with you always.

Yours in faith, freedom, and reason,

David R. Burton


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