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President's Letter 3/2003


Dear American Unitarian:

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to volunteer to help the American Unitarian Conference achieve its goals.  The American Unitarian Conference operates with no paid staff and on a small budget.  We need your help to grow American Unitarianism as quickly as we all would like and to bring a living American Unitarian religion to as many people as we can.  There are many ways to help. We need people to help us edit scans of classic Unitarian works. We need people to participate in the Adult Religious Education Committee and the Youth and Children’s Religious Education Committee to identify existing curricula or to develop or edit new curricula from an American Unitarian perspective. 

We need help recruiting new individual or congregational members. We need area coordinators willing to talk to local folks about the AUC and, perhaps, to hold periodic get-togethers or, in time, launch fellowships, churches or AUC groups within existing churches.  We need help with AUC annual meeting logistics and regional retreat logistics.

We need writers to pen good, thoughtful and spiritual essays for this journal or for our web site.  We need people that live in cities that have libraries with good Unitarian collections to research what is available to us from the Unitarian past, including sermons, religious education materials, books and the like.  We need folks to help with our hymnal project and to help put together liturgical materials for use by congregations. 

Together we can make a huge difference.  But the officers and directors of the AUC need help if we are to succeed in preserving and then growing a god-centered Unitarian religion for ourselves, for our children and for our larger posterity.

May God be with you always.

Yours in faith, freedom and reason,

David R. Burton


American Unitarian Conference

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