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Rival Unitarian Groups Settle Lawsuit - The Associated Press,
Thursday, Oct. 25, 2001

"Unitarian Group Splits, Wants God in it's Religion" - Julia Lieblich, Chicago Tribune - April 21, 2001 as posted on the website "Free Republic"

"Religion in the News"  - Washington Post - September 13, 2001

"God, Optional" - Dave Shiflett, Wall Street Journal - May 11, 2001

Responses to "God Optional" in the WSJ Opinion Journal

"Theological Stirrings in Unitarian Circles" - Christian Century - May 10, 2001  (Link no longer available).

"Unitarian Group Splits, Wants God in its Religion" - Julia Lieblich - Chicago Tribune - April 21, 2001

"Legal Battle Shows Unitarian Schism" - by Rachel Zoll of The Associated Press, as printed in the Washington Times - June 18, 2001


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