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The following links are to other websites that contain religious texts on line. Some of these sites allow the text to be searched by word, phrase or verse.

Christian Bible on - a website that allows searches by word or verse of a variety of Bible translations.

The Koran - This is an electronic version of The Holy Qur'an, translated by M.H. Shakir and published by Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an, Inc., in 1983. The text was provided by the Online Book Initiative and subsequently marked up at the HTI in SGML. Like all the versions of this text derived from the Online Book Initiative, it is not free from errors. We will strive to correct any errors pointed out to us.

The Holy Quran - This is the hypertexted version of The English Translation Of The Holy Qur'an by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.

Collection of Religious Texts - an extensive listing of religious texts.

e-Sword Bible Translations - an extensive collection of bible Translations, dictionaries graphics and commentaries.

Religious Scriptures Online - online editions of the religious works of the world's major religions.

World Scripture - Synopsis: "World Scripture contains over 4000 scriptural passages from 268 sacred texts and 55 oral traditions. It is organized in terms of 164 different themes common to all traditions. This text is the result of a five-year project involving the collaboration of an international team of 40 recognized scholars representing all the major religions of the world."

Zoroastrian scriptures


Gospel of Thomas

Nag Hammadi Gnostic Texts

Dead Sea Scrolls

Divrei Torah

Analects of Confucius - 1 (2 versions)
Analects of Confucius - 2

Catholic Encyclopedia - a good general reference book on religion

The Skeptics Annotated Bible - A somewhat irreverant and anti-theistic look at the Bible, but useful as a research tool for its annotations, references, and commentary just the same. - Resource for Religious Texts

Buddhism Christianity Islam Judaism Jainism Hinduism Sikhism
Dhammapada  Holy Bible (King James) Holy Quran Holy Tanakh Shri Akaranga Sutra Shri Bhagwad Gita Shri Guru Granth Sahib

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