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David R. Burton - President and Founder
Mason Neck, VA

Mr. Burton has participated in Unitarian congregations for over a decade. He served as Treasurer and on the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota. He has delivered a number of lay sermons. He was most recently a member of the Sugarloaf Congregation of Unitarian Universalists.

Mr. Burton is an attorney and economist. He is a principal in the Argus Group, an Alexandria, Virginia based law and government relations firm. He is one of the country's leading advocates for fundamental tax reform. Mr. Burton has testified before Congress, appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs and written on tax policy matters in a wide variety of publications. He was previously employed as the Chief Financial Officer for New England Machinery and as Tax Manager of the United States Chamber of Commerce.

AlanCousin.jpg Alan Cousin - Director
Quincy, MA

Alan Cousin comes to the AUC from a peripatetic spiritual journey: he was raised in the United Church of Christ, spent his teen and early adult years as a fundamentalist Baptist, and was later an Episcopalian. Today he occasionally attends King's Chapel in Boston, where he enjoys the unique combination of Unitarian theology and Anglican liturgy.

Mr. Cousin was born in Boston in 1959, received a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University in 1981, and followed that up with graduate study in administration and management. After many years in the government and nonprofit sectors, Mr. Cousin is now growing a consulting business, specializing in management consulting for nonprofits.

ndemay.jpg (6094 bytes)Nathan DeMay - Director
Atlanta, GA

Nathan has been interested in religion since childhood. He is probably the only child to have ever looked forward to TV interviews with Joseph Campbell. He joined the AUC in early 2001 and has contributed to the AUC Journal and delivered talks at the AUC annual meetings.

Nathan has a bachelor’s degree in international business, and has spent time in Japan and Korea. He lives in Atlanta and currently works as a departmental manager for a major Internet Service Provider.

Past Board Members:

Paul Yonge, Director 2002-2003

Paul Yonge became a member of the AUC shortly after its formation. He has been active in a Congregationalist church and a Universalist congregation in the past. Since 2000, he has been engaged in graduate study of pastoral care and counseling at St. Bernard's School of Theology and Ministry in Rochester, New York. The Finger Lakes Fellowship was organized in 2001 by Yonge to serve as a resource ministry for the production and distribution of laity educational programs.

Since 1966, Yonge has been a career employee of the State of New York and is currently assigned to the Planning and Program Management group of the Transportation Department in Syracuse. Over the years, he has participated in the engineering and management of various telecommunications and broadcasting systems. He holds two masters degrees in environmental policy and in environmental and resource engineering. Yonge also holds graduate certificates in advanced public management and in information systems and telecommunications management. He is currently concluding a doctoral program at the State University of New York in environmental resource management.

Barbara Bachner, Director 2002-2003

Barbara and her husband, Irving Bachner, joined the Universalist Unitarian Church in Haverhill, MA in 1999. Upon learning of the founding of the AUC, they immediately joined the AUC and soon thereafter traveled from MA to VA to attend its first annual meeting.

Barbara is very active in her UU congregation where she presently serves on the Membership Committee and the Board of Trustees.

Barbara grew up in Alabama as the daughter of a Methodist minister. She is a retired medical secretary who appreciates having time now for volunteer work, craft projects, and digital photography.

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